Setbacks: Lessons in Disguise

Do you have aspirations, hopes, or dreams? Have you ever worked towards something with the hopes of improvement? Have you ever dedicated hours to the pursuit of a goal and then missed the mark? I thought so. We’ve all been there. I wanted to touch on this subject because it’s certainly related to the over-arching… Continue reading Setbacks: Lessons in Disguise

How to Lose Weight Without Trying (Well Barely Anyway)

First things first: I am the anti-dieter. I mean it. I've done enough diets over the years that I can guarantee their uselessness. It's a sure thing. Bet on it. Take it to the bank. You get the drift... But, realistically there are times when something must be done to drop a few, or quite… Continue reading How to Lose Weight Without Trying (Well Barely Anyway)