So You Hired a Personal Trainer

Have you ever been fired up and ready to go? I know the feeling.  You’re reinvigorated, refreshed, embodying a new attitude, and ready to take on whatever it takes to finally get in shape, lose that last bit of baby weight, work on that six pack, run that 5K, etc.  On top of that, you… Continue reading So You Hired a Personal Trainer

Reframe Your Brain

It’s been a heck of a year and it’s just now March. Last we spoke, I talked a lot about setbacks and overcoming failure. Mishaps, misfortunes, complications, or whatever in the world you want to call them seem to drift in and out of life on their own freewill and we are left to deal… Continue reading Reframe Your Brain

On Body Positivity

I began my journey into the fitness industry with a lot of hang-ups concerning whether or not I would be able to pull this off. Not because I feared I wouldn't be able to learn and be properly certified, or that I lacked enthusiasm and passion, or even that I couldn't connect with potential clients.… Continue reading On Body Positivity