Fit Family February

It’s Fit-Family February in our home and I want to share with you a few of my thoughts on how to keep health and wellness at the forefront when you’re managing parenting, preserving your marriage, and household peace. *Disclosure* Absolutely nothing I’m sharing is rooted in research, science, or any other measure of reliability and… Continue reading Fit Family February

So You Hired a Personal Trainer

Have you ever been fired up and ready to go? I know the feeling.  You’re reinvigorated, refreshed, embodying a new attitude, and ready to take on whatever it takes to finally get in shape, lose that last bit of baby weight, work on that six pack, run that 5K, etc.  On top of that, you… Continue reading So You Hired a Personal Trainer

SMARTer Goal-Setting for the Win!

When I was a kid, I had a vision. I could see the me of the future. I would be thinner, more outgoing, involved in fun activities, and radiating happiness. I had three older cousins who I truly admired. They were cool and their lives seemed so interesting. I remember thinking in my 10-year-old head… Continue reading SMARTer Goal-Setting for the Win!

Must Haves for Your Home Gym

For the sake of full disclosure I'm going to go ahead and put it out there, (if I haven't already previously) I enjoy going to the gym. The poor lighting, the lines of weights stacked neatly against the walls, and the fresh energy from other humans on the same mission pushes me to reach a… Continue reading Must Haves for Your Home Gym

Sneak Peak Into the Food Diary of a Fitness Professional

*The following journal was recorded previously and shared at a later date* I cannot tell you how many times I've been hanging out in a group setting and someone has apologized to me for what they're eating. Time and time again I've heard, "Oh, I know you don't eat [insert decadent dessert or rich and… Continue reading Sneak Peak Into the Food Diary of a Fitness Professional

On Body Positivity

I began my journey into the fitness industry with a lot of hang-ups concerning whether or not I would be able to pull this off. Not because I feared I wouldn't be able to learn and be properly certified, or that I lacked enthusiasm and passion, or even that I couldn't connect with potential clients.… Continue reading On Body Positivity