Let’s Get Reacquainted

I’ve been away for a while. Don’t worry, it was all good things that kept me away. Nevertheless, I feel it’s been long enough that it wouldn’t hurt for me to reintroduce myself and chat more about what it is that I’m trying to do with this space.
I’m Joi. I’m a southern girl and I love my husband and children, and family and home mean a lot to me. I’ve spent the majority of the past decade taking care of my household and littles. But about a year ago, I decided that it about time to dip my toes back into the world of balancing our lives while working outside of the home.

My little world!


After finishing up my undergrad in 2003, I began teaching in both public and private schools. I started as an instructor in a small school dedicated to serving children with dyslexia and related attention deficits and differences. From there, I went on to work in the public sector as an AP and IB psychology teacher where I truly discovered that teaching was not for me. This is definitely not a criticism of the school, the kids, the administration, or anything else for the matter. I wasn’t passionate about education in that capacity and I was highly unfulfilled. Nonetheless, I continued on as I didn’t have a clear picture of what else I wanted to do.
I met and married my husband working in the same field. In fact, I’m almost certain life took me along that path to get to him. But that’s a discussion for another time. We relocated and I switched to the online classroom and even dabbled into the junior college arena. Still no spark, flicker or flame.
Then, I was blessed to have my first little princess. In 2012, like a restless river rushing over stump and stone, she arrived. My wide-eyed, curly haired girl hasn’t stopped moving since. As tired as I was, there was something that wouldn’t allow me to readily separate from her. Not even for a minute. And, fortunately, we were in a space that allowed me to stay at home with her and then her sister a few years later.
Life has been good to us. I don’t regret a single minute of my time as a stay-at-home mom, but that season has run its course. I needed to do something different and so I began the path of rediscovering myself. I have a looooooooooong history of weight management problems. Fairly late in life, I found that I enjoyed exercise and that I actually enjoy health related topics and education. So, I thought that this time around, since the issue of finance was not as pressing as it was earlier on, that I’d take the time to explore something that I am truly passionate about. I knew I wasn’t ready to commit to a degree program and it certainly had to be something that I could pursue from home. So, I decided to become a personal trainer. I love exercise and the qualification was achievable without a long commitment.
It has been an interesting transition. And along with it, I’ve had to re-visit many of my deep-seated insecurities concerning my physical self and, at this point in life, age. Going back to work after several years off and in an industry that values a more “youthful” appearance, has been an experience to say the least. Nonetheless, I am here. And I am so grateful for the opportunity to share the joys of movement and physical health with people who feel like they need guidance along the way. In addition, I recently added a coaching position in a weight-loss program in our local orthopedic clinic to the many hats I wear.
My family went from having mom and wife at home full time, taking care of all things domestic, to a Mom working very part time with personal training only, to Mom being MIA on most nights of the week and in the matter of just a few month tims. So, I had to take a break from the cyber-world for a season. My thoughts were on getting more established here, but priority demanded I see about work and home first. But we’ve found a groove. For now, anyway. Life is always changing but, for today anyway, we know what we’re doing tomorrow.
In addition, a few other life-changing events occurred over the course of 2019 that triggered a paradigm shift. In Reframe Your Brain I covered a brief stay in the hospital earlier this year. I talked a little about my decision to loc my hair and move into a flexitarian lifestyle. My hair, still in its baby stages, has since loc’ed and it’s been a very symbolic and moving experience. I will talk more about that; however, now is not the time. Soon though.
The flexitarian lifestyle that I alluded to in the same passage did not work out for me. Meat has no place in my diet in this season. My initial thoughts were that I’d start flexi- and slowly transition, but it’s not been necessary. After about a week or so of that declaration, I claimed a completely vegetarian diet. It’s been one of the best decisions of my life. I’m not tempted by things that I once ate and maneuvering the many dietary restrictions and choices in our house has been adventurous. It’s worth it though. I don’t see myself going back because I feel very…”natural” in this position. I hope to share more about that in the near future as well.
So here we are. I’m in the process of developing my vision for CreatingJoi, LLC. I’m enjoying my clients and hoping I’ll be opening up my own studio soon enough. I have great faith that the Good Father has placed me on this path and I’m eager to see what He has in store.
Now that we’re reacquainted, I can get back to getting some content up soon.

Peace and Blessings!


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