How to Lose Weight Without Trying (Well Barely Anyway)

First things first: I am the anti-dieter. I mean it. I’ve done enough diets over the years that I can guarantee their uselessness. It’s a sure thing. Bet on it. Take it to the bank. You get the drift… But, realistically there are times when something must be done to drop a few, or quite a few, pounds. My purpose today is to share my top three tried and true tips for making small steps toward scale victories.

  1. Modify Your Snacking Habits: I’m not against snacking. If you’re hungry you should eat. My day starts super early, and it’s not uncommon for me to have a snack between breakfast and dinner. I love granola, bars, and trail mix. All are
    black ceramic bowl filled with cereal
    I LOVE my granola, but in moderation.

    perfectly good to help tide you over until your next meal. But, when I’m in weight-loss mode, I choose more fruits, vegetables, and meats.  For example, I may have an apple, baby carrots, or a few dried mangoes (no added sugar of course!) paired with a couple slices of Applegate Naturals Turkey breast. This doesn’t mean that I never grab the Larabars that I enjoy, but they are definitely more of an indulgence.

  2. Be a More Mindful Eater: Over the years, I have noticed that I sometimes eat mindlessly. For example, when I’m cooking or plating food, it’s not uncommon for me to grab a taste here and a nibble there. When you add it all up, I can easily consume a small toddler’s meal when I’m not really eating a meal. No Bueno. When I find myself doing this, the question then becomes, “Am I so hungry that I can’t wait?” Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. If I’m actually hungry, then I set a small bowl of cucumbers and/or baby carrots out and have a small snack while I’m prepping my meals. If the answer is no, then this is just an example of eating food because it’s readily available and in sight. Be mindful of what you’re consuming and ask yourself questions to ascertain true hunger versus mindless snacking.
  3. Modify Your Servings: This step is for those of us who often eat out of habit or socially as opposed to true hunger. I’m a dinner girl. It’s my favorite meal of the day. I am more than happy to eat the same breakfast and lunch day after day, but at dinner I want variety, creativity, and flair. When things align perfectly, we all have time to sit down and eat as a family. We talk, cajole the kids into at least trying everything, and attempt a quality meal. Sometimes in the process, I’ll finish before D and nibble
    food healthy wood table
    Try keeping a few chopped veggies on hand to nibble on when hunger strikes

    a bit while he finishes up. And here lies the trouble. Food is great, food is good, but it should only be consumed when hungry and only until satisfied. Paying attention to these tiny details can eliminate unnecessary calories. In addition, if you usually eat two chicken thighs, try one and increase your veggie intake. If you usually go for creamier salad dressings, try a little oil and vinegar instead. If you’re craving something sweet, go for the bowl of melon instead of the Nada Moo.

See there. Small changes. None of these are huge sacrifices that will leave you feeling hangry or deprived. Of course this list isn’t all inclusive. If weight-loss is your focus, there are numerous ways to attain that goal. I’m sharing these from the perspective of an anti-dieter who values most habit building for sustainable success.

Any tips to share? What do you do when you need to push back from the table a bit?


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