I Fell Off the Wagon

Here I am. It’s been a ton of days and maybe even weeks since I’ve been able to get over here and update, comment, like, follow, etc.  But, life has shifted. We’ve had a lot of changes in our home lately. Some have been for the better and some have presented very real challenges. All of them, however,  have greatly impacted my ability to divide my attention and dedicate time to things beyond my absolute responsibilities. I’m sure you understand.

I started my squat reformation challenge that I wrote about in Ms. New Booty. I was dedicated to adding some great moves with the resistance bands to my workouts a couple of times a week. I was excited to be doing something different and to potentially have measurable results. It didn’t happen. I absolutely kept up (just barely) with my regular habit of five or six days of alternating running and cross training, some of which included moves with the bands, but I just didn’t have the time to organize my workouts in such a way as to report back with specific results. I apologize.

As for keeping  up with my weekly yoga practice…let’s just say I can’t remember the last time I pulled out my mat. I know, I know, yoga can be practiced anywhere at almost any time. A studio, gym, or formal class is hardly necessary. I enjoy yoga, but not to the point that it’s a priority in my regimen. I really admire you yogis out there but I’ve made peace with that realization that I will not routinely make time for yoga. Nonetheless, I am


action adults celebration clouds
Celebrate the victories even in failure


happy to report that despite my noncommittal relationship with my yoga mat,  I have been diligent about properly rolling and stretching both before and after my workouts. Yay, me!


Yes, I am disappointed that I didn’t get to focus on making the improvements I wanted.  But I’ve decided to extend myself the same grace that I’d extend to you. Friend, life is a challenge.  At this stage of life, I have a commitment to my family and my health and doing my best in the moment is good enough. Sometimes we are forced to  detour and meander through back roads until we can find ourselves back on the most direct path. The journey is just as important as the destination.

Thanks for understanding,




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